Why is information technology important in healthcare

Published on 2021-02-26 09:54:39

Why is Information Technology Important in Healthcare

Do you know how and why is information technology important in healthcare?

Well, many people wonder why information technology is important in healthcare? It`s an important point to consider because nowadays, most of the working criteria of the world circle around information technology. Besides, healthcare is now entirely connected with the network storage system of IT. While all the hospitals or medical centers use reliable network programs for storing, retrieving, and transmitting patient data. There was a time when clinicians use paper charts as a medical record of a patient.

So it`s all the revolution of information technology to use the high-end and secure databases conveniently. Moreover, information technology provides a platform to make a medical record database. While it also created a communication server between doctor and patient for the medical inquiries and appointments. Besides, today we are going to discuss some essential points on how information technology helps in healthcare.

What is information technology?

Information technology is a designed platform or a server to store a specific organization`s related data. Thus, the relevant people can retrieve and transmit the stored data through different mediums for manipulation. Information technology is a revolutionary idea of arranging the required data on a digital platform. Moreover, in the healthcare field, information technology is playing an important role by making medical records and patient profiles on a secure network.

The clinicians can now have all the medical reports in a data network regarding a patient. Besides, the low resources hospitals are using EHR and EMR for the data storage system as an access network. Thus, this digital network provides many efficiencies for the medical staff and doctors. Along with that, information technology creates an open platform for communication between medical providers and patients. Additionally, this advanced technology makes a beneficial impact on the working criteria of healthcare.

How does information technology help in healthcare?

Information technology is covering a hard-time schedule working of healthcare criteria more smoothly. Well, there are some significant factors where information technology is a must required in healthcare nowadays. So here we`re going to discuss some essential points on the benefits of information technology in healthcare.

  • Medical Data storage
  • Accurate results
  • Better treatment
  • Easy Communication
  • Secure system
  • Better management

Medical Data storage:

The first revolutionary use of information technology is to create a digital network to store data. Thus, the medical centers and clinics are using IT databases to store their medical records. Besides, in the old days, the medical centers used paper charts as the record of a patient while that was quite insecure and unstable. Therefore, with the help of IT, hospitals and medical centers are using Electronic Health Records (EHRs) these days.

Moreover, electronic medical records create a secure online network that the service provider can manage. Along with that, all of the hospitals are using EHR networks in their medical centers to store, transmit, and retrieve data. In this digital and electronic networking cloud, the medical staff can save the medical histories and patient records as a secure database. At the same time, the stored data can be used and retrieved anytime along with the administrational authorities. Therefore, the working criteria of healthcare are kind of incomplete without the information technology.

Accurate results:

Information technology is also involved in medical machinery and instruments. The medical machinery which doctor uses is systematically designed with the database system. Therefore, there are no chances of error in the results and medical records stored in the online network created by the administrators. In contrast, electronic digital devices maintain a secure network cloud to keep medical records for transmission. The computer system runs on a software and hardware basis; therefore, the calculation and memory storage system is systemized.

Furthermore, the resulting accurate system of IT also helps in medical treatment because the medical staff or clinicians don`t have to store anything on paper or charts. While the healthcare system is provided with an accurate storage network of information technology. Therefore, the medical staff can check the recent records and history of the patient as it was stored in the database. So the medical provider can easily manage a patient with full confidence.

The IT database system also provides a secure platform, as the storage system has only access for the medical staff. So nobody can change the settings and de-assemble the records. That`s how the healthcare system can have accuracy in the management and database while using the information technology.

Better treatment:

Along with all these innovations, information technology also helps to improve the healthcare system day by day. While the doctors and clinicians can get medical alerts and alarms stored in the database according to the patient records. The electronic healthcare record system includes CPOE (Computerized physician order entry), which provides a timing schedule for the medical staff to provide medication and prescriptions to patients according to their treatments. Therefore, the exact timing of the schedule helps to save dozens of lives every day with an accurate system.

Besides, this advanced storage system also eliminates the use of paper charts. Thus, the error possibility remains 0 % due to the accurate database networks in the medical centers. Moreover, the database system also provides an easy checking system of history/records regarding a patient because the assembling of data in the network is always maintained in a specific order for transmission and checking purposes.

The information technology system also improved the field of medical machinery. Because all the latest medical machinery is installed with their specific database according to their network to control, they also maintain accuracy and save much time for the doctor.

Easy Communication:

In this revolutionary era, the communication system has been enhanced to the next level. While it`s all because of the advancement in information technology. There are dozens of apps installed in the medical centers` networking systems to keep the patient connected with their medical providers. The network cloud of the database has all the records and medical records regarding the patients. While the records and files also get updated with the changes accordingly. Therefore the medical staff and clinicians have all the updated prescriptions getting from the database. Thus, they can get easy communication with the patient through different apps and servers.

Besides, when the patient gets discharged from the hospital, the patient can still get medical alerts from the healthcare server. In case of any treatments or medical advice, the patient can communicate with the medical staff even if he`s not in the hospital. Thus, it saves much time and much expenses for the patient.

While the patient can also get counseling about the medication and discuss the appointments through online servers, along with that, the medical staff and report all the updated messages to the patients after their treatments and surgeries. These factors can definitely answer why information technology is important in healthcare.

Secure system:

The information technology provides a secure and safe platform for the database. Along with the other factors, the IT system also maintains the secure line server of the network. Thus, that prevents any interception of random people around the network circle. While the medical records and database are completely under the use of administrators and medical staff. Therefore, the stored files and records are under secure servers to secure the patient`s information and medication.

Furthermore, the security of medical records under the administration also prevents any error possibility. The medical providers and clinicians can also transmit the data files through the network without any issues because the communication server line has a private and secure networking system.

Better Management:

In the field of healthcare, information technology has enhanced the management system of medical staff as well. The database provided by the information technology creates a network server in the medical center. Therefore, the medical staff and clinicians can get access to the data and medical records efficiently. As the administration controls the central server, access can be granted to the staff and the management.

Now comes the question of how technology will change nursing in the future? Well, along with the advancement of technology the IT has widened the network circle according to the need. The nurses and clinical staff have access granted by the database`s administration to check the electronic health records. Thus, that helps to get accurate results and medical reports during the treatments and medication. Besides, the management can also have fast communication between staff for treatment purposes.

Is it necessary to have IT in healthcare?

Information technology has changed the past of healthcare with new revolutionary ideas. The paper chart has been converted to an online networking database. All these innovations are placed due to information technology. While the medical centers have advanced networking database systems now for the storage of medical records. Besides, the management and clinicians can easily store, retrieve, and transmit the data in a secure network.

Moreover, the secure network also maintains the accuracy of the patient`s history. Well, many other factors definitely proved the impact of health information technology on the quality of patient care.


1.      Is it secure to use IT networks in medical centers?

Of course, information technology provides a secure and private database system for medical centers and hospitals. The administrations can control the electronic health records (EHRs) as a secure cloud network to store data.

2.      Does the EHR provide accurate results?

The electronic health record works on software and hardware system to make a network cloud database. Therefore, the computerized system always maintains the accuracy of the medical records. Thus, the staff always check the medical history and records of the patient anytime from the database.

3.      How does information technology help in the communication system?

The online network created by the IT server has a secure communication line for medical providers and patients. Besides, the database system also provides schedules and reminders for the clinicians to communicate with the patients. Thus, they can easily give counseling and medication online through different communication apps in the network server.

4.      Can the medical staff check the record`s history of the patient?

Yes, the nurses and medical staff have been granted access to check the patient`s medical records and medication history. Therefore, it will be more convenient for the management to check through an online database. Thus, the secure network also provides accurate results and exact information given in the medical records.


In the end, we can hopefully get the answer to why information technology is vital in healthcare because IT plays a significant role nowadays in the healthcare field. While every medical center uses a networking database designed on the algorithm of information technology. The network cloud provides a secure database for the healthcare centers to store their medical records about the patients. Thus, the medical staff and clinicians can store, retrieve, and transmit the data through secure networks.

Furthermore, information technology has also enhanced the quality of communication between the management of medical staff. Along with that, the clinicians can check the accurate results of data anytime from the main server. Thus, that improves the treatment services of patients and saves much time as well.