What is the best site for doctor reviews

Published on 2021-02-26 11:35:11

What is the Best Site for Doctor Reviews?

Looking to get reviews online before checking the doctor?

Well, it's a general question nowadays, what is the best site for doctor reviews? Wherefore, after collecting authentic and acknowledgeable information, we have selected a few top-rated and pro sites for your ease. Because it's better to be sure before doing something. Besides, feedback from patients on any doctor matters the most for the new patient to gain trust.

Furthermore, it's convenient for a patient to check the common reviews on a doctor to make up their mind for the appointments. Thus, the general information about health care services and medication criteria of a doctor can be known by viewing the reviews. Moreover, here are the top selected and best sites for doctor reviews to consider.

  • Google My Business
  • Yelp
  • Doctor.com
  • RealPatientRatings
  • Healthgrades
  • Wellness.com
  • RateMDs
  • CareDash
  • Vitals
  • ZocDoc
  • KnownDocs


Google My Business

Google my business is a free platform to create a profile in any profession. Besides, while as we know Google is the world-wide most powerful search engine. Additionally, the google algorithm maintains a virtual survey to keep the public reviews on the discovery list. Besides, the patients give authentic feedback on the doctor’s profile, thus, it's easy to check the medical services and reviews.

Furthermore, Google My Business contains around 57.5% of public reviews on the given profiles. Therefore, you can easily check the reviews and feedback of any doctor from this site.


One of the best and trustworthy sites to check reviews and feedback is Yelp. Besides, Yelp holds around 19.3 million reviews on the doctors. Additionally, it's a large surfing site to give feedback on the restaurants and other lines of professions. Moreover, Yelp provides a multi-featuring platform for experienced people to give their reviews in a detailed version. Moreover, it helps the new patient to observe the cost expenditures, medical services, and working hours from the feedback of experienced patients.


Doctor.com is also a top search site along with a strong reviewing reputation. Moreover, it has 30 million people traffic monthly, thus, that helps the information seekers to observe the reviews and feedback. Besides, Doctor.com has an authentic and detailed platform for people to make their profiles to get in the searching areas.

Hence, a patient can decide and choose after knowing the certifications, working hours, medical treatments, and cost. Thus, the new patient can get satisfied by checking the reviews and feedback from the old patients.


RealPatientRatings holds around 288,700 authentic and proven patients reviews on different profiles of doctors. Besides, considering it's one of the largest platforms regarding patient reviews. Moreover, this site contains a huge section of plastic surgeons along with their verified profiles.

Thus, it's easy for the patient to look in the specific searched reviewing section for checking the feedback. Additionally, the RealPatientRatings site provides the new patient to filtered their searching to see the desired line of the doctor along with reviews. Hence, to get satisfaction with the doctor, the patient can check the available treatments and other expenditures.


Now comes the question, what is the best site for doctor reviews?

Healthgrades is a huge database of reviews and feedback along with 30 million surfing users per month. Besides, this site was originated in 1998 and yet has a verified and trust platform for the professional audience. Moreover, a new patient can search the profile by its specific name, location, and medical expertise. While Healthgrades includes almost 1.1 million given profiles of different professions.

Furthermore, patients can search by filtering their searching pattering with given options to choose and select the seeking profile. Moreover, there are around 7 million verified and authentic reviews on the doctors by patients.


For easy surfing and checking the verified reviews over doctors, wellness.com created an engaging platform. Besides, a patient can search the desired profile of doctors by their name, locations, medical field, and zip code, Thus, the search engine will provide the user with all available profiles according to the given information.

Furthermore, this site includes wellness blogs and posts regarding the medical resources and healthcare informational contents. Therefore, the patients can get tips and reviews according to the observation.


RateMDs is a professional surfing site for the verified reviews over the doctors. Besides, it contains over 1 million medical reviews regarding doctor’s experience. Moreover, a patient can also observe ratings and reviews on the hospital managementgiven by the old patients.Moreover, the RateMDs site’s algorithm also provides a list of top-rated hospitals in the USA regarding their positive reviews.

Furthermore, a new patient can use the filtered search engine of this site. by using the city, Thus, by putting name, medical line, and gender to reach out to the profile.


This site was created in 2016, while CareDash has a circulating audience of 2 million per month. Although it's a new website, professional people are gaining their trust due to the transparency and authentication of information. Besides, a new patient can easily reach out to the desired doctor profile through filtered options.

Moreover, there are around 3 million doctor's profiles along with verified feedback.


Vitals is another huge database along with verified 9 million feedback and reviews over doctors. Besides, this site maintains the authentic data regarding the doctor’s profiles from the verified sources. Moreover, a new visiting patient can reach out to the profile by using the given location, insurance, and name of the doctors.

Furthermore, there are around 1.1 million profiles of the service providers along with their general and verified information. Thus, the transparency of reviews helps the new patient to select the right doctor at the instant.


Looking for a multi-purpose site to check in the doctor?

Well, ZocDoc is generally a verified platform for medical service providers. While a new patient can check this site for observing the authentic reviews by the old patients for satisfaction. Besides, ZocDoc has a mobile app and a website as well, thus an online visiting patient can also make an appointment with the doctor after checking the feedback.

Furthermore, the appointment section requires to fill all the general information of a patient to arrange the medical treatment accordingly.


With 15 years of professional and medical experience, KnownDocs holds a trustworthy platform for medical service providers. Besides, there are around 91k healthcare service providers as a professional medical hub at one site. The patients can get authentic satisfaction by checking the verified reviews of old patients on the given profiles of doctors. Moreover, This site also provides medical blogs on trending topics to get aware of the present situations.

Furthermore, KnownDocs has a job section posted by the medical institutes for the recruitment of medical staff. While the patient can also check the medical institutes along with their reviews before going there physically.


1-What is the best site for doctor reviews in a list of 03?

These are the best sites for doctor reviews:

2-Do these sites provide authentic reviews and feedbacks?

Yes, the database algorithm maintains the transparency of information about the reviews of patients. Besides, the medical service provider also includes their general medical, location, and personal information for authentication.

3-Is it easy to reach a specific profile on the site?

These sites have filtered searching options by putting name, gender, medical line, location, and an insurance policy for reaching the doctor’s profile.

4-How these sites are helpful for the new patients?

The new patient can check the reviews and feedback of a doctor's profile before personally going to the clinic. Thus, that provides satisfaction and the idea of cost expenditures along with reviews on medical skills.