Top 10 Ways to Make your CV Stand Out 2021

Published on 2021-03-03 15:57:22

Ways to make CV standout

Ways to make your CV stand out

Every fresh graduate wants to be invited for an interview. But, not every candidate gets this chance. In this time of intense competition, recruiters give an average of 10 seconds per CV. Based on this quick glance, they generally call candidates for interviews. This practice demands to make the first impression of your CV very strong. This can be done by getting quick ways to make your CV stand out from thousands of applications.

We have brought for you some main things that make your CV stand out. Just ensure that you have all the mentioned points and the recruiter would be definitely, impressed.

Impressive start

Take a strong start from introducing yourself and your specialties in 3 or 4 lines. These lines may include your introduction, your specialties, and your future targets. There is no need to mention what you can do for the company, as this style is quite common. In short, there is a need to focus most relevant skills regarding the post. Speaking again, stick to the most related skills. Summary means summary so, don’t try to expand this section.

This quick summary would grab the attraction of the recruiter and leave a strong impression. This section is considered as the main part of your CV that is neglected by 99% of candidates.

Introduce your USP

Every year, a large number of students complete their degree in the same subject. This fact makes the competition equally tough. This is the exact time to make your CV stand out by introducing USP. Either you have worked as a volunteer or managed a blog, you used to participate in extracurricular activities, or have done any social media management, mention these specialties in your CV with confidence. If you have links to these blogs or social media sites, don’t forget to mention them.

This trick would make your CV different from the competitors with similar educational backgrounds.

Focus results than responsibilities

If you have a working record before, stand your CV out by mentioning; what results you have found. Don’t tell the recruiter what your duty was. Let them know the facts and figures produced by your previous responsibility. For example, never mention that you had increased sale for a company, but replace it with the statement that you increased the sale for a company up to 21%.

Update your CV

When there is a matter that impresses your expected boss, never drop the same CV. It would not bring any effective results. The best way is to tailor your CV according to the post and your respective organization. It would not let the recruiter make your CV as a general type. In short, the results would be amazingly impressive.

Customize for vacancy

Relate your achievements directly to the post you are applying for. Tell them why you are the best candidate for this post. Explore the roles of a relevant post and mention them in your CV. This strategy would make your CV stand out from thousands. No doubt, this strategy would demand a larger time if you are going to apply for multiple roles. But specifying the perfect post would shrink your work to a minimum.

Highlight personal growth

Clearly mention in your CV how you developed from experience. It would show that you have enough capability to adapt to the new roles.

Signify your connectivity

Generally, the recruiter pays attention to the socially active candidates. This preference is to ensure that you have strong communication skills. Either you are a fresh graduate from a university or in a job, you have to meet different people. That’s why you mention your connectivity very clearly either you are a fresher or looking for a better job.

Company insight

Take your CV top of the list by getting company updates and insights. If, luckily, you get shortlisted for a post, make sure that you know the basics of the organization you are applying to. This trick would make the recruiter quite impressive. This is the best way to make your CV stand out.

Use keywords

Use the most relevant words in your CV that are related to the post you have applied for. These words relate closely to the job title and can be found in the job description section. Sometimes, recruiters filter the CV’s out based on specific words. If these words are present in your CV, you may get a chance to attend the interview.

No doubt, this procedure would make the CV time-consuming, but it would bring useful results. The more you would explore the job description, and the better would be the CV. So, explore the website and description of the company to find related key phrases or words.

Focus basics

To make your CV stand out, the other supporting way is to focus on basics. Although the recruiters never go to check the basic grammar or so, you, as a candidate, should not take it lightly. If a recruiter has detected any common mistake, your impression would be declined. Your CV should be concise, precise, clear, and to the point. The ideal length for a good curriculum vita is a maximum of 2 pages. Make it sure that you have no grammar mistake and keep a double check.

Last comes to the layout of your Cv. It should have a very simple, attractive, and professional finish. Your educational background, work experience, research, certificates, and similar points should be clearly mentioned.

Final verdict

By discussing how to make your CV stand out, we conclude that the procedure is not difficult but quite tricky. It would be best if you had to make your CV unique out of thousands of candidates’.

Put these 10 points in your CV, and you would receive a call for an interview. Don’t make your CV very light. Give it enough time what it demands.

In addition to a good CV, you should be fully ready for an interview. Your accurate CV is the first step towards the interview. After that, the final selection depends on an interview in which you are judged for confidence, communication skills, understanding, working ability, personality, and many similar things. Therefore, the game does not end after making a good CV.