Medical Job Benefits in Saudi Arabia 2021

Published on 2021-04-05 21:07:22

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In the kingdom, Saudi Arabia doctors and other medical professionals enjoy many benefits. No doubt jobs in Saudi are too incredible. Health workers working in any sector are completely facilitated by the Saudi Government. In Saudi Arabia, all the healthcare organizations on governmental levels are under the control of state ministry. It is called as Ministry of Health, MOH. In this state, there are great medical opportunities for all-level medical jobs. Talking about the salary packages in private healthcare institutions, hospitals and clinics they are very appreciable.


But if we talk about the government hospitals and clinics under the Ministry of Health. There are many health facilities provided and are appreciated worldwide. Moreover, the doctors and other medical staff from other countries of the world enjoy equal facilities. In this article, we will be highlighting all the benefits that are offered to healthcare workers in the field. All these facilities are given to all workers without any discrimination. So if you are the one looking for medical care jobs in Saudi Arabia then this can be very fruitful to you. Let's enlist some very prominent benefits that all healthcare workers enjoy.

Complete health insurance

Doctors and all other healthcare workers working in different medical fields are given health insurance. Their all belongings and their insurance money are given to their family members. So in case, if the worker dies, the Ministry of Health takes care of his/her family.

Disability insurance

The disability insurance is given to the health worker working in the field. It means if the workers face any permanent disability, the government provides disability insurance to them. In most cases, it happens when the healthcare workers are working on the frontline in natural disaster situations.

Performance bonus

Healthcare workers working in the fields are also awarded performance bonuses and prizes. This step up the morals of the workers and they work more diligently at their positions. Sometimes workers are also promoted to the next grade or level and permanent increment in their salary packages.

Pension plans

Similar to other world countries, Saudi Arabia's jobs in the medical sector confirm very good pension plans. It differs according to the job level the worker is standing on. And it is better for senior-ranked medical and healthcare workers.

Work from home

There is great flexibility provided to the medical health care workers by the state. For instance, the workers are allowed to work from home in certain conditions. They can simply finish their assigned work by just sitting at their places.

Maternity leave

The Saudi state gives maternity leave to the females during their pregnancy time. This leave is for almost 4 months so that the women can pass this difficult time. During this maternity leave, the female health worker is paid fully.

Fertility leave/assistance

To fully help and facilitate the spouse, the government allows the male workers to have Fertility Assistance. Fertility Assistance leave is allowed in few countries of the world and Saudi Arabia is one of them.

Paid holidays.

Saudi State is the one giving paid holidays to their healthcare workers. We all know that healthcare workers, work day and night to serve humanity. For example, if a doctor has a job in Saudi Arabia Riyadh, or any city he or she can have a holiday. This holiday is approved by the state's health ministry and the worker is paid during this time.

Free gym memberships

Another incredible benefit that the medical healthcare workers of Saudi Arabia get is free Gym memberships. They get their Gym membership cards and are allowed to avail themselves of the gym membership plans.


There are many other benefits that medical healthcare workers get while working in the field. Jobs in Saudi Arabia Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Riyadh, and even the workers in other cities all avail these medical benefits.

Frequently asked questions.

Q: Are these medical benefits are given to the workers of private health organizations?

So all these health benefits are given to the government health care workers. Though workers in the private healthcare sector also avail themselves healthcare benefits. But those are limited to the job levels.

Q: Is pension given to all healthcare workers on the government level?

Workers of all the ranks in the medical care sector are given pensions on their retirements. Even the senior doctors or people with medical administrative jobs are given pensions depending upon their salary before retirement.