Main do’s and don’ts in creating a professional healthcare CV

Published on 2021-04-28 15:01:52

Do’s and Don’ts

CVs and Resumes have a heavy impact on employers. According to an estimation, the job providers or the employers take 6-7 seconds approximately to review CV or resume. So it is necessary to cast a good impression at first sight. In this article, we have listed the most prominent dos and don’ts in your CV that will be very helpful to you. So keep reading this article till the end to gain all the related information. Are you ready to explore these incredible points with us? Let’s get started.


  • Add relevant experience.

  • Be well-organized.

  • Attach a cover letter with it.


  • Same CV for every post/job offer

  • Forget cross-checking/ proofreading

  • Lie about your skills

Let’s briefly discuss all these key points for more clarification.


Add relevant experience: When creating a healthcare professional CV or CV for any job field. It holds a quite strong position of the applicant in front of the employers. Adding the relevant field experience even for a shorter period can pave your way towards the job. 

Be well-organized: Your CV being organized properly counts a lot. Everything in your CV must be organized. Always make the selection of words right and be formal overall in your CV. Try to add all the information in chronological order, as it seems to be more managed and smooth. Try to avoid bullet points and unnecessary information in your CV. Always take a start with a personal statement in which you claim that why you want this job. 

Attach a cover letter: When you are applying for the job, it is considered very appropriate to attach the cover letter with the CV. In CV the applicant is allowed to be specific while sharing his/her information. But in a cover letter, one can give a detailed overview of the aim of applying for the job and job specifications. As there is immense competition among the medical people and healthcare workers. So to stand out among the crowd accompanying a cover letter with your CV would be very beneficial.


The same CV for every job offer/post: When you create a CV free, a standard should be maintained anyway. It is not appropriate to send the same resume or CV for every job offer. It has been seen that applicants sending a generic response, do not receive any response from the employers. Employers can easily differentiate between a generic CV and a CV written on purpose for the job. So be careful regarding that thing.

Forget cross-checking/proofreading: Most of the applicants forget to cross-check their CV or Resume before sending it to the company. Any kind of mistake highlighted by the employers can take you several steps back to get a response call from the company. So it is crucial to cross-check your CV or Resume twice. This will avoid general and all kinds of mistakes in your CV and will make a good impression.

Lie about your skill: lying about your skills, education, or work experience is a big no. Never lie about any information about yourself in the CV. If you try to impress employers by providing fake information, it will not help you at all. The reason behind it is they have complete access to verify the applicant’s information. And in the end, it will ultimately cause embarrassment for you.

Frequently asked questions.

If we create CV free online, which template should be best?

While creating a CV online, the template that is used in the CV must be professional-looking. So avoid using a fancy or bright-colored template. While selecting the template, always focus on the color that it must be light or nude shade. This will reflect a mature and formal look.


Is it appropriate to add a picture to your CV?

In most cases, it is not suitable to add a picture to the CV. But the applicant can add his/her pictures if demanded in the job offer.


What must be included in your statement or CV summary?

Your summary must be limited to few lines and should cover the broad spectrum of your skills and expertise. A CV is an ultimate door to foresee the rest of your CV. So it should contain impactful words.