How to get healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia

Published on 2021-07-05 00:24:19

Healthcare jobs are in high demand globally. A healthcare professional is rarely ever seen unemployed. Most medical universities offer jobs to their own students once they graduate which is why it is relatively easier to find well-paying jobs quickly. As long as the candidate has built a well-written resume, it shouldn't be too hard to land a respectable position. Multinational firms constitute a large number of employed individuals in Saudi Arabia.

Knowndocs is providing healthcare jobs to all the healthcare professionals all over the Saudi Arabia.
We are providing the best medical professionals to different healthcare organizations in order to safe their time and effort. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with a health-care system plagued by high rates of turnover and intent to leave. Furthermore, the kingdom's demand for registered nurses is growing due to high population growth and the expansion of the health-care system.


What jobs are in demand in Saudi Arabia?

There is no doubt that job demands in Saudi Arabia are on the rise. We predict that there is no way but up for jobs in Saudi Arabia. There has been an impressive rise in the secondary and tertiary sector in the country. 

  1. Nursing Jobs:

Nursing is the occupation which has gained popularity in Saudi Arabia due to the highest number of hospitals in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia is one of the countries with a health-care system plagued by high rates of turnover and intent to leave. Furthermore, the kingdom's demand for registered nurses is growing due to high population growth and the expansion of the health-care system.

2 Surgeons:

As anywhere else in the world, surgeons are paid a very handsome annual salary. This plays a major role in making the jobs in the healthcare sector one of the most sought after jobs in Saudi Arabia.

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How can I work as a doctor in Saudi Arabia as a foreign individual? 

The Saudi medical care framework for the most part consists of private healthcare services and government medical practices, both of which consist of english speaking doctors. Western specialists mostly choose the private sector of healthcare due to the inclusion of medical insurance as a benefit. This also plays a major part in making foreign specialists about 73% of the total medical workforce of the country. 


  1. As a rule, the best competitor would have CCT (Certificate of Completion of Training), or comparable confirmation, in their expert region with at least 2 years' considerable post experience. The comparable documents accepted from other countries include:



  • Canadian/American Board Registration,

  • Facharzt (German)

  • Australian or New Zealand Fellowships

  • French Board (DES/CIS)


  • Spain

  • Greece (CCT)

  • Italy (Diploma de Medical Specilista/Medcinagenerale)

  • Netherlands (BEWJIS)

  • Swedish & Denmark (BEVIS)


  1. A grip of the Arabic language is useful. However, most medical institutions will expect proficiency in English or an IELTS score. 

  2. For fields like Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dermatology and IVF and Fertility Medicine, female doctors are preferred. 

To work in Saudi Arabia there are a couple of stages you need to go through to get your visa and qualify your credentials. It's a smart thought to have every one of the reports in digital copy before you start the application cycle to stop delays. Fortunately we are here consistently and guide you through this cycle. To begin, feel free to reach out to Knowndocs to begin your procedure. Having this done before, it will abbreviate the time needed to get you over to Saudi. 

When that is finished you should apply for your permit from the Saudi commission for medical specialities, in any case this is for the most part done by your employer and basically the employer will be close by to help. We will likewise be close by to assist you with the documentation cycle and we additionally have favored partners we work with who can assist you with managing your visas and different spaces of the record confirmation measure. Feel free to contact us in the event that you need counsel on pulling the reports you require together.

How can I work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia?

Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia require hardwork and dedication. Some of them require the employee to work on fixed overtime hours as well. The job descriptions mostly include preparing a plan for the patient as well as keeping the patient's’ family in the loop throughout the process. Nursing jobs in Saudi Arabia require nurses to be informed about operating medical equipment as well. Nurses mostly are also required to keep the paperwork and documentation up-to-date. 


How can I get a nursing job in Saudi Arabia?

Most of the job applications online require a minimum of 1 year of experience. However, there are many opportunities for newly-graduated students as well. Nursing is a profession which requires a lot of first-hand experience in order to get efficient at this job. You don’t have to visit different healthcare organizations when finding a job just register yourself at knowndocs and we will find you a job. Moreover, we will make your online presence strong that organizations will come to you by just one click. Additionally,there are a number of vacancies available in our portal as well.

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