All you need to know about getting jobs in Saudi Arabia during Covid19 Guidelines 2021

Published on 2021-06-25 20:53:30

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Covid-19 has affected the whole world at a larger scale and created a great impact on the global job market and economic conditions. This deadly virus will leave a long-lasting impact on the healthcare industry and healthcare education. Jobs in Saudi Arabia were at a loophole because of the placement of the majority overseas and Covid-19 travel restrictions and policies.

However, as we are approaching the second half of 2021, businesses are revamping their respective approaches to restart their operations amid COVID-19 restrictions. One of the major challenges is the management of employees at the workplace. Administration and recruiters are constantly looking finding out innovative solutions to manage the employees efficiently in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions. 

Highly demanded healthcare Jobs in Saudia during Covid-19

In Saudi Arabia, the majority of healthcare jobs were designated overseas and they got affected at a massive level due to COVID-19. With the unpredictable rise of positive COVID cases in Saudi Arabia, the demand for healthcare jobs has increased. The situation was difficult due to travel and quarantine restrictions and many health care professionals were unable to join back. 

Saudi Arabia's government has announced thousands of vacancies for healthcare professionals due to high demand during the COVID-19 crisis. If you’re looking for a medical-related job in Saudi Arabia, here is the list for you to find out and apply

  • Doctors

  • Nurses (Male and females)

  • Healthcare administration staff

  • Laboratory technicians

  • Clinical technologists

  • Medical researchers

  • Clinical consultants

  • Epidemiologists

  • Biotechnologists

  • Physicians

Guidelines for employees having new or existing healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia Riyadh

The Ministry of Human Resource and Social Development in Saudi Arabia has issued a brief guideline for the employees want to join or return to their Saudi Arabia jobs.

  • Each employee must fill the application issued by the Saudi government to evaluate the health risks of employees

  • You must get fully vaccinated before traveling to Saudi Arabia (both vaccine doses)

  • You must have your vaccine certificate to get back to your job

  • In case of not vaccinated, the employee must follow a 14-days quarantine at the designated hotel and ensure the following of SOPs.

  • Employees with jobs in high-risk categories must be working from home and visit the workplace in case of urgency.

  • There must be 50% attendance at work and seating must be followed as per Covid rules. 

  • Each employee must be wearing a mask at the workplace and while going outside 

  • Social distancing and transport protocols must be followed while traveling on public transport

  • Handshakes are strictly prohibited 

  • Temperature screening must be done at the job entry point

  • Must follow the separate entry and exit points and floor markings with safe distancing

  • Personal prayer mats must be used and social distancing must be followed at mosques and prayer halls

If you are looking for any healthcare or medical-related jobs in Saudi Arabia Jeddah, KnownDocs is here to help you. We have large recruitment and social network to find relevant jobs in the medical field in Saudi Arabia. 

Healthcare professionals working as front-line workers are the heroes due to their immense dedication and sacrifice to save others from this deadly virus. If you are looking for one of these healthcare jobs in Saudi Arabia or have applied before, make sure about your health status and get your vaccination done as soon as possible to avoid any unfortunate circumstances in the joining phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the most demanding jobs during Covid-19 in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is in high demand of health care professionals amid the Covid-19 situation. They are looking for some experienced doctors, paramedical staff, nurses, lab technicians, researchers, technologists, and healthcare administration staff.

  • Is there any healthcare-related job opening in Saudi Arabia during Covid-19?

There are multiple job opportunities related to healthcare in Saudi Arabia due to the high demand of paramedical staff to cope up with the COVID-19 situation.

  • What are the travel restrictions for healthcare professionals returning to their jobs in Saudi Arabia?

If you need to travel to Saudi Arabia for a healthcare job during the COVID-19, the first and foremost requirement is to get vaccinated at a priority basis. Moreover, you need to follow the complete guideline issued by the Saudi Government Human Resource department for overseas traveling to Saudi Arabia for their jobs.