A perfect guide for medical receptionist jobs in Saudi Arabia 2021

Published on 2021-06-21 19:30:16

medical receptionist job in Saudi Arabia

There is a vast market for medical field jobs in Saudi Arabia in 2021, including doctors, health care specialists, health care professionals, medical office administration jobs, nurses, receptionists, lab technicians, and physiotherapists.

If you are the one looking for a medical receptionist job, here is a complete guide for you. We will lead you about what are the basic requirements to apply for a medical receptionist job. How can you apply for it and where can you find the best suitable job as a medical receptionist?

Medical Field Jobs in Saudi Arabia

There are multiple jobs available in the medical area with a heavy amount of salary. These include both for people with specific medical degrees and for the ones with not a doctor's degree but with administrative or practical skills. Such jobs include physicians, physiotherapists, licensed nurses technologists, (both male and female), medical assistant, clinical and lab technicians, dispensers, medical officers, receptionists, ward boys, vaccinators, lab attendants, OT attendants/assistants, X-ray experts, medical consultants, and medical administration staff members. 

Medical receptionist jobs

If you’re the one looking for a medical receptionist job, first you need to know about the job description, job requirements, and job responsibilities. Here at KnownDocs.com, we are providing complete details about medical field jobs. 

Medical receptionists work under the administrative department at healthcare centers. A medical receptionist work as a coordinator at a healthcare center to manage the daily administration of doctors, visitors, admitted patients, and paramedical staff. Their job include facilitating patient and visitor inquiries, schedule appointments for new patients, handle emergency cases at the hospital, and ensure the availability of medical supplies and stock required at the health care center. 

What will be the main duties if you join as a medical receptionist?

  • Professionally greet and guide the visitor

  • Attend phone calls and assist the attendants in a right and courteous way

  • Schedule appointments and ensure there are no overlaps

  • Provide professional assistance to the doctors, paramedical staff, visitors and patients

  • Perform all duties and activities comply with the rules and regulations of HIPPA.

  • Ensure the confidentiality of information of all medical staff, doctors and patients. 

  • Provide accurate medical results to the patients under clinical supervision. 

  • Maintain medical inventory and ensure there is enough stock level of medical equipment, checking supplies, maintenance and repairing tools. 

Basic requirements to get a medical receptionist job

  • 16 years of education (Bachelor’s degree preferable in management/administration)

  • Candidates with certification in the administration would be preferred

  • Basic knowledge of IT (Hands-on experience in management software would be preferred)

  • At least 2 years of professional experience as a medical receptionist role in the health care center

  • Must have knowledge of HIPPA rules and regulations, CPT coding, ICD, and basic medical terminology

  • Excellent communication and management skills

  • Strong organizational and administration skills 

  • Ability to think out of the box and handle emergency situations efficiently

  • Multi-tasking ability with problem solving skills

  • Maintain confidentiality of sensitive medical information

  • Must be passionate about healthcare management

What advantages you will get with medical office administrative jobs in Saudi Arabia?

If you are willing to work in medical administration jobs, it is the best option for you to go and join as a medical receptionist. One of the major benefits in such job is that it does not require a medical degree and extensive certifications. You can simply get a job in medical administration with a basic Bachelor’s degree along with some basic training sessions. 

You can enjoy your job as a medical receptionist with a handsome amount of salary with excellent job essentials and basic employee benefits provided to overseas healthcare administration employees. 

FAQs about medical receptionist jobs

  • Where can I find medical staffing agencies near me?

If you are looking for medical administration and healthcare jobs, you can check the KnownDocs website to find the latest recruitment opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

  • What are the basic requirements to finding easy medical jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Medical administration usually requires a basic bachelor’s degree with some hands-on experience in the field. 

  • What is the average salary package for a medical receptionist in Saudi Arabia?

The average salary package for a medical receptionist job in Saudi Arabia is around 67,212 SAR.