About us

The Idea

Throughout history, medical professionals have been at the forefront of crises. Be it world wars, natural calamities or global pandemics; our noble community of medical professionals has always been on the frontlines. During the latest global crisis in wake of COVID-19; never has there ever been more need for a network, connecting us all together, through a virtual medium.

The Idea of KNOWNDOCS originated from this pressing demand of medical professionals to have an online presence that showcases your qualification and achievements to the global community; at the same time connecting you with leading institutions as well as patients through the digital cloud.


Our network, “The Plexus”, is embodiment of our ideology that this web service shall create a system that converts IDEA into ACTION . Much like our nervous system, professional and institutions both require a system of neurons to connect, plan and execute activities. The objective is to unite surplus and deficit units in our job market.

KnownDocs offers a broad range of experience in curating professional information, tailored to healthcare providers’ requirements. You can create your online profile and choose to add/edit the information you wish to have delivered to prospective employers, institutions and client through your own personalized CV webpage, free of advertising and institutional affiliation. Now you do not need a personal website to host your resumes online and fight for better ranking on search engines as we provide you the following services FREE OF CHARGE;.

  • Hosting
  • Editing (in Arabic & English)
  • Online Publishing
  • Digital Marketing

KnownDocs ensures your professional data is accurately represented and marketed through your Personal Profile. In order to help you create unique digital presence and kick-start your career, we also provide the following Premium Services at affordable prices;

  • Professional Page Creation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Custom Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing

How Are We Different

KNOWNDOCS is not merely a social network where you hangout & share photos, it is not a “Doctor’s Lounge”, KNOWNDOCS is as practical as it gets. We believe in adding real value to your lives by offering Valuable Connections, Job Opportunities, Professional Collaborations, Crowd-Sourcing and Information.

The goal is to build a harmonious community where intelligence and achievement are celebrated and not belittled.

Over 1,000,000 medical leaders and professionals from prominent institutions will be connected through our one click website.

Users can ask real-life medical questions and get answers from the community of qualified and seasoned professionals. We believe in promoting this culture as it can help members of the community generate substantial incomes in honoraria for weighing in on new drugs and techniques for market research firms.